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Salads & Wraps

House Salad


Spring mixed greens, ripe cherry tomato, cheddar cheese, and croutons

Chicken Fajita Salad


Creamy avocado slices, gilled red and yellow pepper strips, grilled red onions, romaine lettuce mix, grilled fajita flavored succulent chicken, steak or shrimp (1.99)

Cobb Salad


Layers of chopped romaine lettuce, juicy chicken breast diced turkey boiled egg crispy bacon cherry tomato cucumbers red onion drizzled with vinaigrette dressing and topped with avocado slices

Caesar Salad


This salad is filled with rich parmesan garlic dressing and lots of fresh lemon, loaded with croutons, balsamic vinaigrette, buttermilk ranch or blue cheese dressings.
Chicken 1.00 | Shrimp 1.99 | Steak 1.99.

Buffalo Chicken Grilled or Fried Chicken


Tossed in our special buffalo sauce, chopped romaine lettuce, baby spinach, carrots, red onions, celery, fresh bell peppers, a splash of lime, topped with blue cheese crumbles and dressing

Taco Salad


Crispy Tortilla Shell, fresh lettuce, tomato corn black bean Pico sauce, jalapeno Mexican cheese, topped with avocado, choice of shrimp 1.99, steak 1.99, chicken 1.00, with a splash of lime and cilantro


Your Choice all you need is an imagination and appetite


Start off with your choice of cheese and your favorite ingredients

All about the Bacon


All you can say is more Bacon. Loaded with bacon, cheddar cheese and a tangy cream sauce, topped with tomato’s, bacon, and cheese. 1 breakfast side

Spicy Spanish Omelette


Loaded with spicy chorizo, chili pepper red onion, diced tomato, and potatoes, and 1 side included

Cheese Omelette


Fluffy eggs with your choice of 3 cheeses with side of toast

Bacon Cheddar Chipotle


Mexican style omelette, filled with cilantro, cream cheese, red onion, Mexican cheese, chipotle chilis, fresh tomato, and topped with avocado chipotle salsa 1 breakfast side

Southwest Omelette


Diced ham, or bacon, green bell peppers, and onions. Choice of Cheddar, or Swiss cheese, diced tomato, and jalapeños, a dash of Tabasco, 1 side, a slice of avocado and salsa

Ham & Cheese


2 eggs choice of cheese and toast 1 side

Smoothie Frozen/Iced

Small 5.00 | Medium5.75 | Large 6.50

Green Lighting

Green light N Best ever Green smoothie weight lost energy detox and all your fruits and vegetables. spinach kale dates natural peanut butter bananas and mango almond or soy milk topped with chia seeds buckwheat and almonds

All the Way Your Way

Choice off fruit, milk, yogurt, and protein

Chocolate Factory

Mixture of cashews, almond milk, spinach, rich chocolate flavor, protein, cherries, and bananas

Fruity Chocolate

Veggie nutty tropical base. Comes 16 oz/20 oz.

Cookies & Cream

Yogurt, bananas, milk choice Oreo cookies, a dash of vanilla topped with cookie crumbles and whipped cream

Pineapple Mixer

Pineapple, yogurt, banana chucks, and pineapple juice